Whether it’s for a birthday, anniversary, holiday or no reason at all, there’s never a wrong time to gift a woman with jewelry. Thacker Jewelry, the jewelry store in Lubbock, TX that prides itself on fine, highest-quality gemstones, has just the gift for her. Here are three gift ideas:

White Gold and Diamond Bangle

We are pleased to offer this most beautiful, scintillating bangle made of diamonds and white gold from Gabriel & Co.’s Demure Collection. This bangle is made of a white gold closed link chain encrusted with a double row of small, clustered diamonds that add up to 2.03 carats. The gold is 14 karats, which means it has been alloyed with a white metal like nickel to give it its silvery color and make it durable enough for everyday wear.

White Gold, Diamond and Ruby Necklace

Our jewelry store is also proud to present this 18 inch necklace from Gabriel & Co.’s Lusso Color Collection. The necklace is a white gold cable chain with a tear-shaped pendant encrusted with diamonds that add up to 0.25 carats. These diamonds embrace a deeply red, faceted, oval cut ruby.

Morganite and Diamond Ring

What is morganite? Morganite is a rare type of beryl, which is the same material that makes up an emerald. However, morganite is pink or rose colored, and our ring by Mazur features a heart-shaped morganite gem set in a diamond encrusted ring. The morganite gem is set in a golden, heart-shaped collet decorated with tiny brilliant cut diamonds, while the ring’s double bands are covered with diamonds. This ring is a bold statement to make, whether as an engagement ring, a birthday present or even a wedding ring.