Tis the season to be jolly and our “elves” at Thacker Jewelry are very busy in the shop making beautiful Christmas baubles for Santa to deliver. By all accounts, most of our customers have been especially well behaved this year and thankfully, the rest of us still have time to make corrections. The elves have taken time out briefly to let Santa know what they would like for Christmas and so we thought we might share these with you. We are so grateful for each of you wish you all the very best of the Holiday Season and a Prosperous New Year. Merry Christmas to all from the Thacker Jewelry Family!

Joe Thacker:
“All I want for Christmas is one of those giant motorhomes with all the amenities so I can tour the country in style and a trailer for my jag so we can get around easily.”

Ann Thacker:
“ALL I want is a wine rack and refrigerator for my small collection and unlimited time in my studio to work and drink said wine. Ok, and perhaps a full-time maid to take care of everyone else whilst I play in the studio and drink the wine.”

Amanda Thacker: 
“I would love an all expenses paid trip to Bora Bora, Tahiti in the Maldives for about a month! It’s at the TOP of my bucket list to stay in a hut over the ocean, with a glass floor that I can see the fish, jump off my own private dock to swim & snorkel and go diving anytime I want to. A shiny new pair of scuba fins for said trip would also be greatly appreciated!?”

Jeff Thacker:
“All I want is to have a healthy family, and be 20lbs lighter so I can eat everything in site and not be 20lbs heavier. Not much, just asking!”

Linda Hess:
“I would love new dining room chairs.”

“My hand back working and a new SUV and a Buttermilk Pie.”

“To have the money to finish our house and finally be able to move in it and buy a BIG truck.”

“Underwear and a new Pickup.”

“A head full of hair.”

“A lifetime supply of Dr. Pepper.”

“A house full of all of our kids.”

“To have a baby Butler”

“One perfect day: Wake up without the alarm going off, get out of bed without stepping in cat poop, to wish my rescue parrot a “good morning” without it responding with every cuss word it learned from it’s previous owner, and to be able to eat anything I want without feeling guilty

Whitnie: For me, going to Colorado or Ruidoso (anywhere with cute cozy cabins) where there is snow for my children to make snow angels and have snowball fights and enjoying hot coco together would be the perfect gift. I love getting away from reality and not being on a timed schedule, just taking in all the memories and my children’s laughter and our family time. That is my perfect Christmas gift.”