Ever wanted a one-of-a kind piece? Because sometimes, the pieces behind the counter just does not completely satisfy. And jewelry is like your significant other: when you know, you just know. Whether it is you, a family member, or a significant other, you and they are one of a kind; come get a custom designed piece that reflects that quality. Come in today and our experienced designers will help you create whatever your heart desires.

Thacker Custom Diamonds

Step One: Come in with inspiration!

This could be anything from an existing piece seen in our showroom to a photograph of a feeling you would like to evoke. The point is to design something that brings you back to a good place in your life or celebrate the creation of brand new memories. Maybe you’re cherishing the memory of a past family member. Maybe you want a piece to celebrate the beginning of a long journey as you bind your life together with your significant other.

You have the option to use your diamonds and gemstones or our factory can provide everything needed to create your piece.

Step Two: Custom Design Process

Now we head to our lab and create a 3-D image using Computer Aided Design (CAD) or Counter Sketch. One of our expert CAD designers will then turn your custom jewelry design ideas into a reality with ArtCam or Counter Sketch. This state of the art technology brings the piece to life in a timely manner. Changes and alterations can easily be made to ensure the piece meets or exceeds your expectations.

Custom Jewelry Mold

Step Three: Wax Mold

Now that we have the design done, a wax/plastic mold of the ring is created. This is the actual mold of the custom piece to display all the features, details and overall size of the product. It will give you a very good idea of what the custom design piece will look like and feel like. We generally produce an exceptional custom design draft after the step two edits, but there is still the option to bring the piece back and slightly rework it.

Custom Jewelry Cast

Step Four: Cast and Complete

It is time to complete the finished product! This is one of our favorite stages of creating custom design jewelry. Now that steps one through three are complete. We will cast the piece in the metal of your choice, set all of the diamonds and gemstones and polish the piece to perfection. This is the stage where our goal is to blow you away with the final product. The custom design piece obviously means a very great deal to you, so we want to make it exceptional. And in our book, the smile it creates is ultimately what calls us to do what we do.