Thacker Jewelry Launches HEARTSTAR DIAMONDS

“It was love at first sight” explained Joe Thacker, President and Founder of Thacker Jewelry in Lubbock, Texas. “When I first saw HEARTSTAR DIAMONDS at the Centurion Show I knew it was perfect for us!” Joe’s daughter, Amanda Thacker-Smith agreed, “It’s so perfect we sold two diamonds over a carat each and a $4,400 HEARTSTAR DIAMOND pendant before we even had the displays in the case. That’s crazy!”  Thacker Jewelry was named one of America’s Coolest Stores by INSTORE Magazine, and it’s easy to see why.  It is a gorgeous store!

Thacker’s HEARTSTAR DIAMOND representative, Pierre Reed and HEARTSTAR DIAMOND Founder Bruce Freshley were in Lubbock, Texas last week for staff training and official launch. The team even produced a new HEARTSTAR Radio Campaign that Thackers is launching in the Fall to introduce the diamond brand to West Texas. “Everything about HEARTSTAR, the quality, the imaging…the fact that OM Diamonds is behind it, made it a natural choice for us” concluded Amanda “ It’s the perfectly cut natural diamond…our clients love it and giving them the best is what our company is all about.”

To learn more visit us online our HEARTSTAR DIAMOND page or stop by the store for the full HEARTSTAR DIAMOND Experience!

HEARSTAR DIAMONDS’ Pierre Reed with Amanda Thacker-Smith & Joe Thacker